Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Results

From New York to Mass., it was a great weekend of racing for the team!

Calvin Smythe rode great on Saturday placing 2nd in the Cat. 4 race at "The Main Event" Poughkeepsie Criterium. If I'm not mistaken, this is Calvin's first podium finish of the season. Congrats!

The team had a few riders in attendace at the Attleboro Criterium on Saturday. Bob German rode well placing 8th is the Cat. 3 race and Robert Smythe rode strong in the Mens 55+ race.

Bob German also race the Unionvale Road Race (Mew York State Road Race Chamionships) in New York on Sunday. Bob placed 19th in the Cat. 3 race over the 44 miles.

Bob gets the "Road Tripper" award this weekend. The kid drove 2 hours North East on Saturday to race, drove back home to CT, and drove 2 hours North West to race on Sunday. I know the SUV Bob drives isn't easy on gas.

Tour de l'Abitibi: Circuit & Criterium

Day 6 Race Results:
Circuit Race - 94.4 kilometers
40th: Harrison Harb

Day 7 Race Results:
Criterium Race - 55 kilometers
56th: Harrison Harb

Final Results:
73rd: Harrison Harb

Congrats to Harrison for completing the 7 day event and placing in the top half of the international field.

Robert Schmidt did a great job for the North East Regional Team (United States) as well. I caught word that Robert had issues with his cranks and spindle which forced him to drop out of the race on Friday. I could only imagine Robert would have been right up there in the top half with Harrison if he raced the last 2 days of the Tour.

Great job guys!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tour de l'Abitibi: Road Race 3

Day 5 Race Results:
Road Race - 78.3 kilometers
79th: Harrison Harb
DNF: Robert Schmidt

I haven't caught word why Robert DNF'd, I hope all is well. I'm a bit curious because 2 other Northeast Regional (United States) riders also DNF'd. I hope it wasn't a team crash!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tour de l'Abitibi: Criterium

Day 4 Race Results:
Criterium - 63 kilometers
35th: Harrison Harb
70th: Robert Schmidt

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tour de l'Abitibi: Time Trial

Day 4 Race Results:
Time Trial - 14.5 kilometers
81st: Harrison Harb
90th: Robert Schmidt

Tour de l'Abitibi: Road Race 2

It appears Harrison and Robert had a great race yesterday. Both of our guys were in the top 50 of the international field of 155 riders in the 91.4 K road race. Their finishes are no surprise though, these two are strong riders!

Day 3 Race Results:
Road Race - 91.4 kilometers
28th: Harrison Harb
44th: Robert Schmidt

Overall Standings (after 3 days)
73rd: Robert Schmidt
109th: Harrison Harb

Team Rankings: (after 3 days)
15th: Northeast Regional (United States)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tour de l'Abitibi: Urban Team Time Trial

Day 2 Race Results:
Urban Team Time Trial - 8.6 kilometers
18th: Northeast Regional (United States)

Tour de l'Abitibi: Road Race

Day 2 Race Results:
Road Race - 114 kilometers
91st: Robert Schmidt
136: Harrison Harb

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tour de l'Abitibi: Prolouge

The guys looked good on Monday finishing in the middle of the field.

Day 1 Race Results:
83rd: Harrison Harb
114: Robert Schmidt

Tour de l'Abitibi

Harrison Harb and Robert Schmidt were selected to represent the Northeast Region of the United States...and CCNS/Pedal the Tour de l'Abitibi Junior Stage Race in Canada. This 7 day event is part of the UCI junior world cup and 155 of the fastest Juniors in the world will be racing. We're psyched to have 2 of our team members taking part, this is huge for them! Congrats!

Check out the Official Tour de l'Abitibi site.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Results

The team was represented in a few different states this weekend!

Bob German rode the 22nd Annual North Jersey Cycling Classic and took home 3rd in the Cat. 3 race and 3rd in the Juniors race. This was a huge accomplishment cause these races were back to back, no rest time! Only time to re-fill water bottles and get back out on the course. Congrats to Bob! I know he'll be treating us all to dinner this week with that wad prize money he won :)

Robert Smythe, Calvin Smythe, and Anthony Vecca kept it local and rode the Donovan-Ruhlman Naugatuck Criterium on Sunday. It was hot and humid race, but the guys rode strong.

Mens Cat. 4/5 Race Results:
5th: Anthony Vecca
16th: Calvin Smythe
39th: Robert Smythe

Thanks to Jason Patrician and Tina McCurdy for shooting some photos of the guys at the Naugatuck race. Check out the photos at: CCNS Photos.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Naugatuck this weekend

This weekend is the Donovan-Ruhlman Naugatuck Criterium. As of right now it looks like we'll have 3 riders attending the event. Anthony Vecca, Robert Smythe, and Calvin Smythe will be racing in the 4/5 race. Calvin will also be in the 3/4 race later in the day. Bob German will be racing the 3/4 race as well, and possible the Pro 1,2,3. The weather man says showers are possible, which would not be fun at all! Come out and support CCNS/Pedal Power.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Results

Most of the team showed up to race in New Britain on Sunday. It was nice to see a lot of white and yellow out on the race course. The highlight of the day was Harrison Harb taking 2nd in the Juniors race. Anthony Vecca shot a few photos early in the day, check 'em out at: CCNS/Pedal Power Photos.

Race Results:
Pro 1, 2, 3
Harrison Harb - 30th
Bob German - 71st

Cat. 3
Bob German - 15th
Robert Schmidt - 64th

Cat. 4
Calvin Smythe - 36th
Anthony Vecca - DNF - Involved in 11 rider crash

Harrison Harb - 2nd
Robert Schmidt - DNF - Broken pedal cleat

Masters 55+
Robert Smythe - 27th

Hartford Round The Park Crit.

Bob German rode to a 10th place finish in the Pro 1, 2, 3 mens race in Hartford Saturday afternoon. Congrats to Bob on a great race and his first Pro top 10 finish. Calvin Smythe also rode strong finishing with the pack in the Cat. 4 race.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob German celebrated a birthday yesterday, he's an "Independence Day Baby". Hope you had a good one!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Crit. Weekend

So this weekend there are 2 local crits that some of the team will be racing in. Saturday is the Round the Park Crit in downtown Hartford sponsored by NERAC. Sunday is the New Britain Criterium at Walnut Hill Parl and from what I understand we'll have a handful of riders racing that day. As of right now Robert Smythe will be racing the Masters 55+ and the Cat 4. Calvin Smythe and Anthony Vecca will also be racing the Cat 4. and Bob German will be repping the team in the Cat. 3. Come out and support the racers, this is one of the last local races this year!!!

Fitchburg Final Results

After 4 hard days of racing the 2007 Fitchburg Classic has come to a close. The CCNS/Pedal Power guys rode strong, holding their own in the Junior Men's field.

Final Results:
23rd - Harrison Harb - 3:55:45
40th - Robert Schmidt - 3:58:08
43rd - Bob German - 3:59:06

*Note: The time is a cumulative time of all 4 races.

Fitchburg Day 4

Workers Credit Union Downtown Criterium
15 miles (17 Laps)

Team Results:
8th - Bob German - 36:21
24th - Harrison Harb - 36:21
32th - Robert Schmidt - 36:21