Friday, May 30, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Congrats to Ron LaRose and Bob German on receiving their Cat. 2 upgrade.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Results: May 24 - 30

A 3 day Memorial Day Weekend brought lots of racing.

On Saturday a handful of guys raced the Cylconauts Criterium at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Hunter Pronovost and Chris Kohnle finished 16th and 17th in the Pro 1,2,3 field. In the Masters 35+ race Patrick Brandon rode strong to a 13th place finish. Keith Hurley finished 34th in the Mens Cat. 4 race. The unfortunate event of the day was Jason Cicero getting caught up in a crash in the Cat. 3 race which ultimately caused him to DNF because of mechanical issues. Jason is alive and well, but rumor has it his bike needed a little TLC.

Sunday brought the Downtown Hartford Criterium, somewhat of a "home" race for the team only 20 minutes from Middletown. The team had a bunch of riders in the Pro 1,2,3 field. Chris Kohnle rode strong to an 18th place finsih. Ron LaRose finished 34th, Anthony Parent 72nd, and Hunter Pronovost 96th. Bob German was riding strong in the Pro 1,2,3 race but had some issues that caused him to pull off. Anthony Parent doubled up and also raced the Cat. 3 race finishing 34th in the 100 rider field. In Masters action, Dave Dubos finished 64th in the 30+ race, Patrick Brandon was 56th in the 40+ race and Jeff Fryer rode well to a 10th place finish in the 60+ race.

Memorial Day Monday brought the Tour of Summerville down in Jersey, results will be posted soon.

Tuesday night crit series was a rain out again.

Weekend Results: May 17 - 23

Several of the team riders headed North for the Lake Sunapee Road Race last weekend. The highlight of day was Ron LaRose going out in an early break and hanging on the whole way to take 3rd in the Pro 1,2,3 race. Bob German and Chris Kohnle also raced the Pro 1,2,3 taking 25th and 39th respectively. Steve Youmatz was the lone Cat. 4 rider taking 73rd and Patrick Brandon raced the Masters 35+ taking 19th.

The Tuesday night crit was rained out.

Team Results

Team Results can now be found over at In addition, we'll try to post a brief race recap here each week. Check back periodically for new posts.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race Results: May 10 - 16

Yesterday was the Sterling Road Race up in Mass. and CCNS/Pedal Power saw its second road race victory of the season. In Cat. 3 action, Ron LaRose beat out 96 other riders to take the win covering the 56 mile course in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Bob German rode well finishing 15th followed by Brian Tompkins in 36th. In the 48 mile Women's Pro 1,2 3 race Katie Douglas rode to a 12th place finish. In the Mens Pro 1,2,3 Chris Kohnle finished 30th. Dave Dubos finished 34th in his first road race of the season, the 40 mile Mens Cat. 4 race. John Bonadies finished 61st, with this also being his first road race of the season. Kevin Malloy rode to a 16th place finish in the Cat. 4/5 race of 50 riders. In Masters action, Steve Youmatz finished 12th and Jason Cicero 20th in the 35+ Cat. 4/5 race. In the Mens 35+ Open Race Patrick Brandon finished 26th.

On Sunday, Ron LaRose took 9th in the Cat. 3 race up at Bear Mountain, New York. I'm told there was a serious break away and the field was split for most of the race.

The Tuesday night crit series at Rentschler Field was full chock full of yellow and white. In the B race Keith Hurley, Steve Youmatz, and Jason Cicero rode strong with Jason taking 2nd and Steve 3rd. In the A race Bob German finished 3rd behind Team Director Aidan Charles who took the win for the NERAC Team he races for. Ron LaRose took 2 primes and everybody rode really strong! The downer of the night was Brian Tompkins going down along with 2 other riders in the first turn of the last lap. An ambulance was called, but for the most part everyone was alright. There are dozens of photos over on the Team's Flickr Photo page. Head over and check them out.

Race Results: May 2nd - 9th

So Saturday was another solid effort by the CCNS/Pedal Power Team up at the Jiminy Pedal Road Race. Chris Kohnle finished in the middle of the pack in the Pro 1,2,3 field of 81 riders. Lesli Stevens rode strong in the Women's race which saw a field of 63 riders. In Juniors action, Kevin Malloy finished 13th in a field of 30. The Cat. 3 was full of CCNS riders. Bob German (8th), Brian Tompkins (27th), Ron LaRose (57th), and Anthony Parent (65th) all rode strong. In Masters action, Patrick Brandon rode well placing 10th in a field of 84 riders.

On Tuesday night the East Hartford Training Crits began and the team was out in full force. In the B race, Steve Youmatz finished 2nd just barely getting inched out of first at the line. The A Race was nothing but raw speed. After lots of jockeying for position and a few solid breaks, Ron LaRose took the win sprinting with 500 meters to go ripping everyone else's legs off. Nice job guys.