Monday, December 29, 2008

Team Training

Yesterday's unseasonably warm temperatures made it an ideal day to get out on the road and put in some miles. Saturday's warmer temps and rain cleared the roadsides and melted most of the snow away making for safe riding conditions. The 2009 race season is just around the corner, gotta' get those miles in!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

We'd like to wish everyone a happy Holiday Season and a happy, healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2009 Racing Season

The New Year is only a week away! We'd like to start by introducing our 2009 sponsors and release our new team roster. Please see the right column for the updated 2009 information. The new team kits are in production as we speak and photos will be updated as soon and the kits are in our hands. The team would like to thank all of our 2008 sponsors and the riders that wore the team colors for the 2008 racing season. To those of you that are leaving the CCNS family, we thank you for your time and service and wish you all the best with your new endeavours.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CT Cross State Championships

Despite ultra bone chilling temperatures and 10-20 mph wind gusts the Connecticut Cyclocross State Championships took place today at Cheshire Cross. Anthony Parent made an appearance and rode strong in the Master 35+ race. Anthony just shook a case of bronchitis and the fact that he rode today was an accomplishment in itself. In Pro 1,2,3 action Hunter Pronovost took 5th on the day. Hunter took home the silver as the 2nd Connecticut finisher in the race. David Hoyle, who just signed on to CCNS for the 2009 race season, took home the bronze as the 3rd CT finisher. Tony Vecca's cross season is over due to a leg injury, but he was out today snapping photos of the guys and putting his CCNS cowbell to good use. Head over to CCNS' Photos to check out some of the shots.

Hunter giving it his all

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Results: Halloween-Nov.2nd

It's been a few weeks, but the guys were back racing this weekend at the Cycle Smart International in Northhampton, Mass. Hunter P. rode to a 7th place finish on Saturday in a huge 2/3 field and finished in the Top 15 again on Sunday. Ron LaRose decided to give cyclocross a go and jumped into the Cat. 4 race on Saturday. Ron rode to a 14th place finish in a field of nearly 100 riders, a great showing for his race. There are a number of races going on in Mass., Vermont, and New Jersey this coming weekend and the guys will be on the bikes again. November is here and cross action is at it finest!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Results: Oct. 10-12

Another great weekend of cross racing has come and gone and Hunter Pronovost showed his speed once again. Hunter took the win in the Mens 2,3 race at Saturday's Mansfield Hollow Cross Race after getting an early race lead which eventually turned into a 21 second gap. Hunter chose to double up and race the the Pro 1,2,3 race as well placing in the top 10 in that field. Anthony Vecca rode well on the very rugged course and finished 4th in the Cat. 4 race, his best finish thus far since he started racing cross last year. Congrats to both of the guys on a great day of racing! Next up, the guys will be on home turf again racing in Dayville, CT at Opa Opa Cross Sunday the 26th.

Photos of the race can be viewed HERE.
Photos by Steve Yau - Thread City Cyclists

Hunter with a 21 second gap on the field

CCNS 2009 Crash Course Training Camp

The CCNS 2009 Crash Course Camp is an intensive 3-day training camp designed to give you every advantage for the beginning of your base mileage preparation for 2009. Combining the benefits of the most advanced physiological testing in the country, state of the art bike fitting, and a detailed explanation and demonstration of base mileage training principles. The CCNS 2009 Crash Course Camp will make you primed and ready to take your 2008-2009 training season to A Whole New Level.

For more details, CLICK HERE.
To register via CLICK HERE.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheshire Cross

CCNS will be one of the sponsors of this years Cheshire Cross race. This years race will also serve as the 2008 Connecticut Cyclocross Championships. Team rider Hunter Pronovost has been organizing this race for the past 3 years and its sure to be a good time. A bunch of our team members will be volunteering at the event and as of right now Anthony Vecca, Hunter P., and Team Director Aidan Charles will be racing. Come out, support cyclocross, support CCNS, and have a good time. Hope to see some familiar faces at the race!

Check out the event HERE.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Results: October 10th-12th

Cyclocross season is in full swing and the Erdinger Grand Prix of Gloucester took place this weekend. The weather was ideal, sunny and in the mid-60's, and the course was fast! The highlight of the weekend was Hunter Pronovost taking the win in the Men's 2,3 race. Hunter powered up from 9th place on the last lap to take the win in a 3 man sprint! Congrats to Hunter on a very strong perfomance and a great early season victory! Anthony Vecca rode hard and placed in the top 20 of the 100+ rider Cat. 4 field Saturday and Sunday to get his New England cross season underway. Hunter and Anthony will both be racing the Mansfield Hollow Cross Race this coming Saturday on home turf here in Connecticut. Come out and cheer the guys on as they take on a truly rugged course!

Lots of photos from Gloucester, CLICK HERE to view.

Hunter leading the charge on the run-up.
Photo: Paul Weiss

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wind Tunnel

CCNS' wind tunnel is now finished and open for testing!

The CCNS Performance Center Wind Tunnel is a state of the art wind tunnel designed to maximize your efficiency and speed. The CCNS Performance Center, with incredible service and attention to detail, will optimize your position and make sure that you are as biomechanically efficient as possible. The tunnel’s clear and accurate data acquisition and feedback process will have you leaving the CCNS Performance Center with confidence knowing that you have maximized every possible advantage.

Aerodynamics plays a huge role in your speed. Everyone can benefit from a testing session with the CCNS performance Center Wind Tunnel. CCNS offers competitive pricing that allows more people to take advantage of such a valuable service. Please email today for pricing information and details.

The CCNS Performance Center welcomes team and group testing sessions, equipment testing, and manufacturer testing.

Go to for more information

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cross is underway!

Anthony Vecca raced the "Wheelers & Dealers" race at CrossVegas last week in Las Vegas, NV. Anthony finished 8th overall taking home the win in the "Retailers" bracket representing Pedal Power...and CCNS of course! The cross season is officially under way and the New England schedule is great this year. Look for Anthony, Hunter, Anthony Parent, Patrick Brandon, and possibly some others tearing up the cross course this season. Next up on the schedule, the Erdinger Gran Prix of Gloucester October 11 & 12.

"Wheelers & Dealers" Podium at CrossVegas

Monday, September 8, 2008

Late Summer Race Report

Well its been over a month since the last post, but the team is still riding hard. A number of guys rode the Green Mountain Stage Race last weekend up in Vermont. Patrick Brandon finished 15th in the Masters 40+ field of 60 riders. Patrick hasn't raced Green Mountain in over a decade and rode strong for his first return trip. In other race news, Chris Kohnle finished 5th in the Pro 1,2,3 race at the Topsfield Circuit race this past Saturday. The road season is winding down with only a few races left, Jamestown being the season ender. It appears the team will have a number of riders giving cross a go this should be a fun Fall season.

Anthony Vecca will be racing the CrossVegas "Wheelers & Dealers" race in Las Vegas on September 24th. The race is held the first night of Interbike and is open to 100 bike shop employees and industry affiliates from across the globe. Anthony has been part of the Pedal Power family for 8 years and will be representing the shop and CCNS in the race.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Race Report

There has been a lot of racing going on over the past month. The guys have been traveling all over and riding really strong. The past two weekends the team has been on home turf racing here in Connecticut. At the New Britain Criterium last weekend Jeff Fryer took home 2nd in the Masters 65+ race and Anthony Parent rode strong taking home 4th in the Mens 30+ race. At the Donovan-Ruhlman Naugatuck Criterium yesterday Brian Tompkins got off the front with another rider in the 3/4 race to open up a 47 second gap on the field...Brian took home 2nd. August is just around the corner and the guys will be racing just about every weekend leading up to September's Green Mountain Stage Race.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Team Decals

Check out the hot decals team rider Hunter created. If you are interested in promoting the team and slapping a decal on your car, bike, etc. contact us!

Race Report

There has been a lot of racing going on over the past month. The guys have been traveling all over the Northeast and riding really well. This past weekend was the New Britain Criterium (Nutmeg State Games), which is basically a "home" race for the guys seeing its only 20 minutes from the CCNS Training Center. As usual, the team was well represented and everyone gave it their all. Jeff Fryer took home the bronze medal placing 3rd in the Masters 65+ Race. Steve Youmatz placed 4th in the Mens 30+ Cat 4/5 race, but was the 1st Connecticut finisher earning him the top spot on the podium, the 2008 Connecticut State Champions jersey, and a gold medal. Congrats to both Jeff and Steve for their great accomplishments.

Steve became an instant celebrity and got some great press coverage which you should go check HERE.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Congrats to Ron LaRose and Bob German on receiving their Cat. 2 upgrade.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Results: May 24 - 30

A 3 day Memorial Day Weekend brought lots of racing.

On Saturday a handful of guys raced the Cylconauts Criterium at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Hunter Pronovost and Chris Kohnle finished 16th and 17th in the Pro 1,2,3 field. In the Masters 35+ race Patrick Brandon rode strong to a 13th place finish. Keith Hurley finished 34th in the Mens Cat. 4 race. The unfortunate event of the day was Jason Cicero getting caught up in a crash in the Cat. 3 race which ultimately caused him to DNF because of mechanical issues. Jason is alive and well, but rumor has it his bike needed a little TLC.

Sunday brought the Downtown Hartford Criterium, somewhat of a "home" race for the team only 20 minutes from Middletown. The team had a bunch of riders in the Pro 1,2,3 field. Chris Kohnle rode strong to an 18th place finsih. Ron LaRose finished 34th, Anthony Parent 72nd, and Hunter Pronovost 96th. Bob German was riding strong in the Pro 1,2,3 race but had some issues that caused him to pull off. Anthony Parent doubled up and also raced the Cat. 3 race finishing 34th in the 100 rider field. In Masters action, Dave Dubos finished 64th in the 30+ race, Patrick Brandon was 56th in the 40+ race and Jeff Fryer rode well to a 10th place finish in the 60+ race.

Memorial Day Monday brought the Tour of Summerville down in Jersey, results will be posted soon.

Tuesday night crit series was a rain out again.

Weekend Results: May 17 - 23

Several of the team riders headed North for the Lake Sunapee Road Race last weekend. The highlight of day was Ron LaRose going out in an early break and hanging on the whole way to take 3rd in the Pro 1,2,3 race. Bob German and Chris Kohnle also raced the Pro 1,2,3 taking 25th and 39th respectively. Steve Youmatz was the lone Cat. 4 rider taking 73rd and Patrick Brandon raced the Masters 35+ taking 19th.

The Tuesday night crit was rained out.

Team Results

Team Results can now be found over at In addition, we'll try to post a brief race recap here each week. Check back periodically for new posts.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race Results: May 10 - 16

Yesterday was the Sterling Road Race up in Mass. and CCNS/Pedal Power saw its second road race victory of the season. In Cat. 3 action, Ron LaRose beat out 96 other riders to take the win covering the 56 mile course in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Bob German rode well finishing 15th followed by Brian Tompkins in 36th. In the 48 mile Women's Pro 1,2 3 race Katie Douglas rode to a 12th place finish. In the Mens Pro 1,2,3 Chris Kohnle finished 30th. Dave Dubos finished 34th in his first road race of the season, the 40 mile Mens Cat. 4 race. John Bonadies finished 61st, with this also being his first road race of the season. Kevin Malloy rode to a 16th place finish in the Cat. 4/5 race of 50 riders. In Masters action, Steve Youmatz finished 12th and Jason Cicero 20th in the 35+ Cat. 4/5 race. In the Mens 35+ Open Race Patrick Brandon finished 26th.

On Sunday, Ron LaRose took 9th in the Cat. 3 race up at Bear Mountain, New York. I'm told there was a serious break away and the field was split for most of the race.

The Tuesday night crit series at Rentschler Field was full chock full of yellow and white. In the B race Keith Hurley, Steve Youmatz, and Jason Cicero rode strong with Jason taking 2nd and Steve 3rd. In the A race Bob German finished 3rd behind Team Director Aidan Charles who took the win for the NERAC Team he races for. Ron LaRose took 2 primes and everybody rode really strong! The downer of the night was Brian Tompkins going down along with 2 other riders in the first turn of the last lap. An ambulance was called, but for the most part everyone was alright. There are dozens of photos over on the Team's Flickr Photo page. Head over and check them out.

Race Results: May 2nd - 9th

So Saturday was another solid effort by the CCNS/Pedal Power Team up at the Jiminy Pedal Road Race. Chris Kohnle finished in the middle of the pack in the Pro 1,2,3 field of 81 riders. Lesli Stevens rode strong in the Women's race which saw a field of 63 riders. In Juniors action, Kevin Malloy finished 13th in a field of 30. The Cat. 3 was full of CCNS riders. Bob German (8th), Brian Tompkins (27th), Ron LaRose (57th), and Anthony Parent (65th) all rode strong. In Masters action, Patrick Brandon rode well placing 10th in a field of 84 riders.

On Tuesday night the East Hartford Training Crits began and the team was out in full force. In the B race, Steve Youmatz finished 2nd just barely getting inched out of first at the line. The A Race was nothing but raw speed. After lots of jockeying for position and a few solid breaks, Ron LaRose took the win sprinting with 500 meters to go ripping everyone else's legs off. Nice job guys.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend Results

My apologies for the lack of updates for last weekends races!
We're back on track this week.

Saturday was the Sturbridge Road Race and the team was well represented. The highlight of the day was the 3/4 race in which Ron LaRose finished 2nd in a photo finish. Right on Ron's heels was Bob German in 5th. Ian Marcuse was up from Virginia and rode strong with the guys until a last lap flat forced him to drop out of the race. In Masters action Steve Youmatz (16th), Keith Hurley (39th), and Patrick Brandon (50th) rode well in the 35+ race. Robert Smythe (18th) and Jeff Fyer (26th) rode well in the 55+ race. Leslie Stevens held her own in the Women's 3/4 race placing 23rd. Congrats to everyone!

Sunday brought on the Palmer Road Race and the team was out in full force! Again, the highlight of the day was the 3/4 race. The 5 guys in the race rode very aggressive and smart covering all breaks and ramping up the pace mile by mile. Bob German came out on top taking the win in a wicked sprint! Ian Marcuse (18th), Ron LaRose (19th), Brian Tompkins (31st), and Anthony Parent (70th) all had key roles in getting Bob the win. Anthony jumped out in an early break and tore his legs off to keep the pace high and stay way from the main field with Brian and Ron eventually bridging the gap. In the 3/4 women's race Leslie Stevens placed 20th. In the Masters 55+ race Bob Smythe place 25th and in the Cat. 4 race Kevin Malloy rode to a 41st place finish.

Bob German tearing legs off in the final sprint at Palmer
Photo courtesy of Brendan Gallivan

The team looks to stay on the podium and keep the tempo up as they head North to Massachusetts for the Jiminey Peak Road Race Saturday and the Blue Hills Classic on Sunday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Results

There was a lot of racing going on this past weekend. At the Plainville Crit, Jason Cicero took back the yellow leaders jersey in the Cat. 4/5 series with a 3rd place finish. The team kept the overall lead in the 4/5 thanks to Jason's consistent podium finishes. Yet again, Dave Dubos was the work horse in the 4/5 race driving the pace up and up each lap. In the 3/4 race Brian Tompkins jumped in a break and rode strong to a 2nd place finish and a Prime. Brian was back on his Duratec, its first race since Brian crashed it hard a few weeks ago. Brian's finish moved the team into the 2nd slot in the 3/4 overall and Ron LaRose held onto his 4th slot in the individual overall. Brian moved up to 7th overall. In masters action, Keith Hurley rode strong to a 3rd place finish. Keith's effort keeps the masters team in the 3rd slot overall and Steve Youmatz is still in 4th in the individual overall. Nice job guys!

At the Chris Hinds Crit in Rhode Island, the team had a handful of riders giving it their all in the Pro 1,2,3 race. Hunter Pronovost lead the team in with a 10th place finish. Ron LaRose came in 15th, Bob German 20th, and Chris Kohnle 25th. In the masters race Patrick Brandon rode to a 23rd place finish.

Next weekend looks to be very busy with the team spread all over the Northeast. The weekends races include the last Plainville Crit, Battenkill-Roubaix, the Ninigirt Crit, and the Miles Standish Road Race. Check back this time next week for races results and hopefully some new photos!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend Results

Today was a good day for the team at the Plainville Crit Series. After a wet start to the day, the sun broke and temps rose creating ideal riding weather. The Cat 4/5 race was wet, but Jason, Anthony, and Dave rode strong together. Jason took a mid-race Prime to grab a point toward the Overall. Dave was the powerhouse driving the team through the last lap setting up Jason for a 3rd place finish and Anthony was right behind in 7th. Jason lost the Yellow Jersey by 1 point, but CCNS/Pedal Power is still leading the Team Overall by 7 points. Nice job guys! There was quite a turnout for the Masters Race. The guys rode smart the whole race covering breaks, grabbing a prime (Steve Y.), and taking turns working up front. Keith Hurley was a work horse setting the pace for several laps. Steve Youmatz held it down in the final sprint finishing 4th. Steve is now 3rd in the Masters Overall and the team is 3rd in Master Team points. Hunter and Chris rode well in the Pro 1,2,3 race. Hunter came in 11th with Chris right behind in 14th. Despite being a no show for the past 2 weeks, Ron LaRose is still in 3rd in the 3/4 series and so is the team. Not too shabby! Go check out the Masters race photos over at the team's photo page.

At the Johnny Cake Lane race in New York Bob German rode strong to a 16th place finish in the Pro 1,2,3 field of 40+ riders. Patrick Brandon placed 30th proving he can hang with the young guns. Congrats to our Team Director Aidan Charles on his 6th place finish. Aidan rides for the NERAC Pro Cycling Team.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday was a good day for the team at the Plaiville Crit. Series. Jason Cicero took 4th in the Cat. 4/5 race to retain the yellow jersey and keep himself/CCNS in the lead headed into week 4. Brian Tompkins finished 8th in the 3/4 race on his "spare bike" after last weeks crash knocked his new Duratec out of commission for a few weeks. Ron LaRose is currently ranked 4th in the 3/4 overall. Steve Youmatz finished 8th in the 39+ race which earned him 4th overall in the series points. Hunter Pronovost rode well in the Pro 1,2,3 race finishing in the 5th slot and putting him in the Top 10 for series points. Great job guys!

In Johnny Cake Lane action down in Coxsackie, NY Ron LaRose rode to a 6th place finsih in the Pro (A) race. Patrick Brandon and Bob German also rode strong finishing in the main field. Solid riding guys!

In other team news, CCNS motor pacing sessions have begun. A bunch of the guys put in an hour of motor pacing yesterday afternoon after a training ride. Check out some photos of the pacing over at the teams Flickr page.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Race Photos...

I've added some more photos to the teams Flickr page. Riders Brian Tompkins and Steve Youmatz were kind enough to contribute some photos and Steve has also started his own Flickr page which I'll have a link to in the near future.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday's Plainville race had its ups and downs for the team. The highlight of the day was Jason Cicero taking 2nd in the 4/5 race giving CCNS/Pedal Power the overall team lead and giving Jason the yellow jersey heading into week 3 of the series. Congrats Jason! Dave Dubos rode strong finishing 8th in the 4/5 race. Ron LaRose took 3rd in the 3/4 race putting him in 3rd overall in the points standings and the team in 2nd. Nice work! The team would like to send a "Get Well" out to team rider Brian Tompkins who was involved in a nasty crash in the 3/4 race. Brian tells us he's ok, and he'll be back racing next weekend..but I know is Duratec is in rough shape. We'll see how things pan out this week? Steve Youmatz shot a bunch of photos before/after his race, check them out over at Steve's Flickr page.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday's Plainville race was great for the CCNS/Pedal Power Team despite wet roads and chilly temps.! The guys rode smart covering every break, attacking, and working together as a team. The highlights of the day were Ron LaRose taking the win in the Cat. 3/4 race. On the last lap, Ron opened up a lead on the main field around the last turn and drove it home! After all that, Ron also jumped in the Pro race and finished 12th in the field of 38 riders. Not too shabby! Anthony Parent and Patrick Brandon rode strong in the 3/4 race taking 6th and 8th and Brian Tompkins showed some good legs taking the lead and opening up a gap on the field for several laps. In that same race, Anthony and Brian took Primes. Nice job guys! Jason Cicero finished strong taking 3rd in the Cat. 4/5 race. Not bad for a guy who probably hasn't slept in a week thanks to the arrival of his new daughter! Congrats Jason! In Masters action, Steve Youmatz took 3rd in the 4/5 race. Three people on the podium was a great start to the Plainville Series. Until next week...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday turned out to be a bust thanks to Mother Nature. The team was supposed to get together and race the 1st race of the Plainville series, then head out on a team rider for a few hours, but the day was a rain out...bummer! Yesterday was a solid day for the team at the second race of the Bethel Series. Bob German and Ron LaRose took 2nd & 3rd in the Mens 3/4 race. Bob was off the front by almost a minute with another rider putting in a great effort and Ron had one heck of a sprint to keep his 3rd position. Brian Tompkins rode well finishing in 14th in the 3/4 race as well. Everyone looked good and week 2 of the 2008 season is in the books. Steve Youmatz shot a few photos of the Cat. 5 and 3/4 race which can be viewed by Clicking here.

Bob German off the front with another racer

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Team Presentation

With the help of our sponsors the team kicked off the 2008 season with the Team Presentation. The event was held at Pedal Power's Next Level: Bicycle Gallery & Fit Studio in conjunction with the Pedal Power Season Kick-Off Party. Team Director Aidan Charles presented the 2008 squad as a team promo ran on the flat screen TV throughout the evening. The attendance was great and many of the team sponsors made it out to the event. 2008 looks to be a great year, as time will tell...

2008 Racing Begins...

The racing season began this past Sunday with the first race of the Bethel Series. Lots of team riders made it out to the event and everybody looked strong. The highlights of the day were Robert Schmidt taking 4th in the Pro 1,2,3 race after traveling all the way down from his home in New York. Robert is back in the area on Spring Break, he's a college student out in Durango, CO. Bob German was the other strong finisher, with a 7th place showing in the Cat. 3/4 race. Full race results can be viewed over at The team looks to improve as the Plainville Series begins on Saturday. The whole team should be in attendance, as we have a mandatory team training/bonding ride after the event. It should be fun! Let's hope the weather holds out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Overseas Exposure!

Our lone overseas sponsor, Duratec Bikes recognized the team in a quick brief on their website. Who knows? Maybe we'll get a Czech. following this year...

Monday, February 4, 2008

2008 Team Presentation

Please join us at our 2008 Team Presentation...
Please click on the image to enlarge.
Feel free to print this invite and share it with your fellow cyclists.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 Season

WOW! Check out that team roster. We've taken on over a dozen new riders for the 2008 season and we're ready for some racing. We'd like to thank our 2008 sponors, 4 of which are new. The updated team kit photo will be uploaded in days to come and the team frames, as pictured below, will be in the US this week. T minus one month till race time!

Friday, February 1, 2008

2008 Looks Great!

So its been a few months, but we're out of our hibernation and ready to rock in 2008. We have many new riders, lots of new sponsors, and lots of news. Stay tuned...updates will follow this week!!!

Check out our hot new frames courtesy of new bike sponsor Duratec , designed by team rider Anthony Vecca.